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Colin White is this week’s guest blogger. As a teacher, he’s figured out some really cool ways to use technology in his classroom. The could also be used in business and other meeting-type settings. Colin is also a successful girls’ softball coach in the Oklahoma City area.

As an upper level high school math teacher, I am always searching for new ways to integrate technology into the daily flow of classroom activities. My most recent attempt in achieving this is with the use of white

What is

AirServer brings some of the functionality of an Apple TV to your laptop or desktop. Its main feature is the ability to mirror the screen of your iOS device to your computer screen. The company’s main push is that this allows you to play your iOS games on the larger screen of your computer.

How to Get It

Download AirServer from and install on your computer. Once installed and launched, AirServer will be running in the background ready to be utilized. To work, your computer and iOS device must be attached to the same network. To mirror your iOS device double tap the home button and swipe to the right (twice on the iPhone and iPod touch), and you should be presented with the following option.

tap the airplay icon apple airplay icon

to reach the airplay menu.

apple airplay app
Your computer will be listed just like an Apple TV. Select it and you will have the option to mirror your device.
apple airplay app
Now everything that shows up on your device’s screen will also be on your computer screen.

How I use it in my classroom

I use AirServer in combination with the iPad app GoodNotes GoodNotes is a note taking app that allows me to write on my iPad screen. I mirror my iPad screen to my Macbook Pro using AirServer, then run GoodNotes. Then anything I write on my iPad shows up on my computer screen which is projected to the class. This allows me to walk around the room as I teach and keep from obstructing a student’s view of the board. I also use Apple’s Podcast Capture to record my Macbook Pro screen and my voice to send to my website.



Other miscellaneous thoughts

I like to mirror my iPad screen and then launch the camera app. Now anything I see with my camera shows up on my projected screen. It is a convenient way to look at pictures or videos that you have captured with your device. AirServer runs on both in the Windows and Mac OS X environments. The AirServer preferences allow you to name your computer and password protect your AirServer to keep out unwanted users. Most recently, AirServer now has the ability to mirror two devices at the same time.

AirServer is priced at $14.99 for a standard license and $11.99 for a student/teacher license. AirServer does not offer all the functionality of Apple TV, but it is an inexpensive approach to get the mirroring functionality.

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  1. Colin White says:

    I have since learned that airserver also works if you connect your iOS device to your computer through bluetooth. I ran into a problem recently when a setting was changed on the network at school that wouldn’t allow airserver to work properly. After trying several things I learned that connecting through bluetooth solved the issue.

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